Create Wallpaper Borders with Removable Wall Decals | Wallzaz

Create Wallpaper Borders for Your Space Without Using Wallpaper!

Wallpaper has gotten a bad reputation in the interior design world. If you have ever spent hours removing layers of dingy floral wallpaper from your home, you know exactly why wallpaper has gotten such a negative reputation. While it may have seemed like a good idea at the time, eventually styles change and you are stuck trying to remove a gluey mess from your walls.
Despite its poor reputation, people continue to use wallpaper to decorate their homes. It seems like the only solution to adding some life to dull and boring walls.

Is there an alternative to this redecorating disaster?

Step away from the glue and put down the wallpaper. There is another solution, Wallzaz removable wall decals! You can create the exact same effect a wallpaper border creates without having to make a permanent commitment. Plus, with Wallzaz peel and stick wall art you can customize the border to fit your space, budget and taste.
Don’t choose from ugly wallpaper samples, choose one of your own photos or pictures and turn it into the most personalized wall decal border you can imagine. The process is way easier than wallpaper. Simply upload your favorite photos or use one from our peel and stick wall art image gallery. Customize the size and shape and place your order. Just some of the unique options for your wallpaper border include:
• Your child playing sports
• Photo collage of you and your friends
• Panoramic nature photographs
• Jungle animals
• Abstract designs
No glue, no books of samples and no painful removal process. Simply peel and stick to create your customized wall border in seconds. With personalized wall decals you never have to worry about changing your mind or decorations. All Wallzaz customizable wall decals are 100% removable, reusable and affordable.
Stop using expensive and permanent wallpaper borders, start creating your affordable peel and stick wall art. Looking for a little inspiration? Visit our Wallzaz customizable wall decals Facebook Page.